Drain channel C-250 cast iron

Drain channel TR-100 C-250 cast iron
Drain channel TR-100 C-250 cast iron
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    11,5 kg
    Material cover grate:
    Steel edge protection:

    Drainage channel for linear drainage class C-250 up to 25 tons - ideal for:

    • Unused road shoulders or similar areas
    • Also to the gutter area, slot gutters
    • Parking spaces with a capacity of up to 25 tons, driveways and entrances in buildings

    Polymer concrete drainage channels meet the requirements and restrictions for construction work, industrial buildings, such as stadiums, halls, warehouses, parking lots, etc.

    • Low weight with enormous strength.
    • Economical solution even for small jobs.
    • Smooth surface of the polymer concrete prevents the deposition of mud and accumulation of plants in the channels.
    • Waterproof composite material, it does not freeze.
    • Allows water and dirt to drain away quickly, which means that Can save on repairs.
    • Easy to assemble, no heavy equipment required.
    • More durable than concrete, better than plastic.
    • Molecular composition. 
    • Does not require frequent maintenance; little wear and tear.
    • Very dense and ecological.
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