Drain channel ST-100 D-400 cast iron 50cm

Drain channel ST-100 D-400 cast iron 50cm
Drain channel ST-100 D-400 cast iron 50cm
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    11.7 cm
    13 cm
    50 cm
    9,5 kg
    Material cover grate:
    Drainage outflow:
    Drainage channel with preformed outlet above/side Ø110
    Steel edge protection:

    ​ The drainage channel for linear drainage class D-400 up to 40 tons is ideal for:

    - Public roads - also promenades

    - Fuel stations

    - Roads and side streets approved for all types of road​​ vehicles

    - Parking lots, commercial warehouses and halls with a capacity of up to 40 tons

    Polymer concrete drainage channels meet the requirements and restrictions for construction work, industrial buildings, such as stadiums, halls, warehouses, parking lots, etc.

    • Low weight with enormous strength.
    • Economical solution even for small jobs.
    • Smooth surface of the polymer concrete prevents the deposition of mud and accumulation of plants in the channels.
    • Waterproof composite material, it does not freeze.
    • Allows water and dirt to drain away quickly, which means that Can save on repairs.
    • Easy to assemble, no heavy equipment required.
    • More durable than concrete, better than plastic.
    • Molecular composition. 
    • Does not require frequent maintenance; little wear and tear.
    • Very dense and ecological.